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5 Ways Banks Make Customers Feel Bad and How to Stop

Author: Garrett Curry

Before we go any further, we need to get something straight.

What does "brand" mean? What is branding? You and I have to be on the same page here.

So let's come up with a working definition. This is an ongoing conversation defining what brand is, and I discovered years ago the simplest and most meaningful way to describe it.

Brand is everyone's gut reaction to you.

It's plain and simple. Now, that can come out in a logo, space design and words, but what it comes down to is how people feel about you. What's interesting about that is your brand originates from other people. Good or bad, beautiful or ugly, your brand is your brand. It's either a problem or it's an asset.

Now that we have defined brand, let's talk about what branding is.

Branding is you influencing that gut reaction others have about you.

So let's say the gut reaction people have about your bank or credit union is unremarkable. Well, you could actually do things to make it remarkable. Let's say it's negative. Let's say it's ugly. You are able to influence how people perceive you.

We're going to take one little part of that idea today—words. We will look at the words you use and how those words make others feel—about themselves and about your brand. In particular, we're going to talk about how banking jargon makes your customers and prospects feel bad, stupid, frustrated, bored or annoyed. Let's go.

How is Your Financial Institution Actually Different?

Author: Michael Reynolds


If you line up 10 bank or credit union marketing managers in a row and ask them all what makes their bank different, what do you think the answer will be?

If you said "service" then you win a cookie. Every financial institution in the world says that it's the "customer service" and "the people" that make them different.

So if all financial institutions say the same thing, how are they actually different?

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