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Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

As an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional, Michael loves making life easier for people using marketing, and technology. Michael devotes part of his brain to ballroom dancing and classical music. Prior to earning degrees in both Cello Performance and MIS from Ball State University, Michael studied the cello with a real live Klingon. Michael enjoys playing tennis, cycling (short distances very slowly), traveling with his beautiful wife, using only one space after a period, and eating lots of sushi.
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How to Test Your Bank's Website for ADA Compliance

Author: Michael Reynolds

ADA litigation targeting banking websites is a real concern for the banking industry, including small banks and community credit unions.

Did you know that if your bank or credit union website violates title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Department of Justice may obtain civil penalties of up to $55,000 for the first violation and $110,000 for any subsequent violation? Don't be caught unprepared! Make sure your banking website meets reasonable levels of accessibility compliance. Not only will you reduce your risk and avoid costly litigation—but more importantly, there are many benefits for your customers with a range of disabilities. What can you do? 

10 Ways To Speed Up Your Banking Website

Author: Michael Reynolds

Users have always demanded fast loading websites. Now, search engines and even social networks are placing more emphasis all the time on website speed. Can your website keep up or do you run the risk of being penalized for slow load times?

Refine Your Bank's AdWords Campaigns with Call Tracking

Author: Michael Reynolds


If your bank or credit union is ready to take your AdWords campaigns to the next level, we have one suggestion you may not have tried yet. But before we talk about that, let's go over a couple of basics to refresh our memory on why we want to use Google AdWords in the first place.

Facebook Advertising Primer for Financial Institutions

Author: Michael Reynolds

Facebook advertising is a cost-effective way to reach out to your customers and potential customers where they live. It may be especially attractive to the financial industry. Here's why:

Credit Union Website Design & Marketing Tips

Author: Michael Reynolds

In today’s market, credit unions are enjoying renewed popularity among consumers due to their membership-driven policies, personal service, and local community ties. Many people are drawn to these features of their local credit unions and are starting with research on the web.

Website Security 101 for Banks and Credit Unions

Author: Michael Reynolds


One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining your banks' digital presence is keeping current with website security. Banks and credit unions, and their customers and members, are vulnerable to a host of threats from sophisticated hackers and cyber thieves. Where should you start?

10 Unique Podcast Ideas for Banks and Credit Unions

Author: Michael Reynolds


Podcasting has recently enjoyed a renewed spike in interest starting in 2014 with the release of Serial. Podcasting originally started to take hold around 2004 after the release of the iPod and enjoyed popularity for a while but leveled off due to friction in subscribing and consuming podcasts.

Financial Institutions That Have Killer Blogs

Author: Michael Reynolds

When you think of your financial institution's website, you probably think about checking your account balance, finding a branch near you, or maybe looking into a loan. You're looking for information about your finances. You most likely don't think about their blog. Do banks even HAVE blogs?

Banking Product Demand Trends for 2017

Author: Michael Reynolds

As more and more financial institutions shift their advertising spending toward digital, the question often surfaces: "what are people searching for?"

If you are one of the more progressive financial institutions (and I would call that smart) you are likely planning to invest heavily into AdWords, Facebook advertising and other social ad platforms or perhaps you are already doing so.

How is Your Financial Institution Actually Different?

Author: Michael Reynolds


If you line up 10 bank or credit union marketing managers in a row and ask them all what makes their bank different, what do you think the answer will be?

If you said "service" then you win a cookie. Every financial institution in the world says that it's the "customer service" and "the people" that make them different.

So if all financial institutions say the same thing, how are they actually different?

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